Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year and New Choices

2007, let's make it a year to remember. A year of change and of opportunity. A year of community. A year of compassionate strength.

Today's Thought

I was at the gym this morning and looked up at the television to see a survey done on CNN of the number of Americans who believed there would be a terrorist attack in 2007. I find this troubling on several levels with the most important one being, what the heck are we focusing on? Come on now! Why not focus on the number of people who believe we will have peace in the new year! As many of us have realized, what we focus on is what we create.

I'd like to set up a new poll. How many of those out there believe that we can change our world if we take steps to create the world we really want and stop focusing on what we don't want?

Mind Teaser for Today

If you focus really hard on not having something, you will end up not having something.

:) Love and light to you! Thanks for checking in. Jenifer