Sunday, June 7, 2009

Being Happy and Choices

We all hear people say that happiness is a choice. Yet that isn't always as clear to explain as it sounds.

For me, it doesn't mean to negate reality and not feel the pain life can bring, it actually means the opposite. It means to LIVE my life fully I need to accept and embrace all of the emotions and realities of life AND choose my path, responses and where I wish to put my energy. It means when the car behind me is driving a bit too close, rather than emit more anger by slowing down to control him, holding my own on a speed that works for me regardless of what is behind me. Letting myself breathe and remembering who I want to be rather than living in the reactive space of letting other's actions control my behavior.

Being happy IS a choice, actually, it's consistent choices and with each one we make that lives by our values and hearts, we will be happy.

I wish you joy,