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Radiation Info for Mothers


Many people with children under age 10 have emailed me concerned for their children's welfare with the current radiation scares. I am on a global council now addressing homeopathic options for radiation and as such have access to a bit more information than normal that may help. Please know I'm not considering myself an expert so do what is right for you. I believe in offering what I can to educate so I'm going to offer some information here and feel free to pass this on.

First, the three main questions I'm being asked are:

- Radiation in our water/food - I'll address this one in this post, the others over the next few days on my blog.
- Radiation and thyroid/iodine
- Radiation in travel

I want to be clear that I'm focusing on children under the age of ten right now as these are the most susceptible to radiation poisoning as their cells are still growing and their hormones are finding their way as well which makes their thyroid more susceptible. Those with autoimmune challenges should also take additional considerations.

Per radiation in the water/food -

Yes, there have been heightened levels of radiation shown in some of the foods we import from Japan (and definitely locally in Japan). While our government is banning SOME of the items coming from Japan which have CLEARLY high radiation levels (this has been verified by our government), they aren't banning everything and I personally wouldn't let my young child (or anyone really) eat food directly from Japan right now. Also, please note that the food that is imported is then mixed with other foods both in storage and at the store (just look in your produce section for foods from Mexico, Chile, etc.). This being true my recommendation is go local - ie. purchase locally grown - with produce and try to with meats/dairy/eggs. Honestly that is healthier in general and will support our local communities so hey, why not:)

Per water, I have seen a few reports of possible increased radiation in our water supplies yet the reports keep changing the longer the radiation problems occur. I will offer that as I'm in Santa Cruz the water here is still pulling in a strong tide and I can feel the ionic difference here and am doing my qi gong practices even more than usual to ensure clarity in my energy. For those here in California, let's continue to be vigilant and while I can't tell you what to do nor would I wish to, my recommendation would be to limit the amount of time you have young children in the ocean right now as it looks like it will be a few weeks before we get consistent reports per local radiation levels.

My friend Linda offered that I might want to end this post with a recap of some things parents can do:

1) Eat local produce from smaller markets.
2) In California, keep little one's out of the ocean for a while as the reports on radiation levels are finalized.
3) For any children with autoimmune challenges, be extra vigilant both in food/water supplies AND in checking their thyroid activity.
4) I will address this in another post but for now, please do no take iodine randomly to ward off radiation, that is not how it works and can in fact cause major thyroid problems - I'll explain this in detail shortly but didn't want to wait in saying it as I know people are concerned of whether or not to do this AND increasing seaweed in those who don't usually eat it is the same as effect as it's introducing a new element into the body. Also, ironically, seaweed is imported from Japan and it hasn't yet been banned.

I'll address the other two questions on my blog shortly and as we receive more information about this, will do my best to upload new information. Thanks for your patience, doing a little each day:)

Hugs and hope that helps. Thank you all for your questions!



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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tonight's Super Moon and Merc Retrograde

I'm writing this post to address two topics I've been asked to discuss - tonights full moon 3/19/11 and the mercury retrograde coming up.

First, yes, we have an unusual moon this evening - just check out the currents in Santa Cruz - crazy waves and not just the aftershocks of the tsunami. This moon is the largest full moon in nearly 20 years so the dramatic visual effect will be awe-inspiring for those who can view it. Per the physical affects, the moon affects water in curious waves and if we think of water as an element that gives a glimpse of our emotions, we may wish to take some deep breaths today:)

We are very connected to the moon cycles and this sort of moon creates a current that we will feel and see affecting those around us. This moon is affecting the earth energy in a very positive way. From what I'm seeing, with all that has occurred across the ocean, this moon is actually in some ways attempting a clearout to do some rebalancing. This may give us a couple of days this week of calmer energy - though with the mercury retrograde period begun, we may not feel this go as deeply as it could. The earth and sun signs are going to feel the positive calm the most with water signs feeling a little off from it actually.

Per Mercury Retrograde starting 3/30/11

For more on Retrograde, view my website and go to astrocurrents, there is an explanation toward the bottom of the page.

This mercury retrograde started pulling energy already even though it hasn't officially begun so if things started feeling haywire the past week and decision making was off, this may have been part of it. While usually merc retros have a strong technology influence, this one seems to have more of a life instance connection than usual. What I mean is, daily events may have some twists and turns including dramatic closures and openings. For example, your favorite coffee shop may close unexpectedly for a month or the house you have been wanting for years may suddenly drop dramatically in price - yes, mercury retrograde CAN create a better situation for many things too. Also, I'm seeing a cognitive aspect for this one so thinking may feel a little hazy, like easy decisions are feeling difficult for no reason or like your intuition and your head aren't connecting.

Too often, people think of mercury retrograde as a challenging time in a negative way. I try to focus on being nonreactive and using laughter as my medium. Then when the unusual events happen I can learn from them and shift my focus without getting caught up in it.

Honestly, this is a GREAT retrograde to practice non-attachment because WITH the inconsistencies there is some amazing energy for creating something new this month and this year so if you chose to watch the challenges as guides for shifting your focus, you may just end up with a new job, a new home or even a new relationship (though honestly, this retrograde isn't pulling much on new relationships but maybe shifting your current one or opening to new avenues to meet people could be useful).

Another thing to notice is this retrograde is in Aries, now that may make a few people cringe but honestly, this energy is all about learning how to use fire instead of burning out. What I mean is when someone does something and you feel your inner fire rise in reaction, take a moment, take a deep breath and ask yourself what you want from the situation, then respond instead of reacting. That is learning to use the fire, instead of being a slave to it. If you don't take personally responsibility this month, this aries retrograde may burn you out a bit so make sure to take care of yourself.

Remember that while the retrograde official period runs the 30th to the 23rd of April, the 10 days prior and the 6-8 days after can also be affected and the start and end will be the strongest times. I would really advise you to get your taxes done sooner rather than later.

Hope that quick update helps and I'll be headed back to Astrocurrents soon. While traveling I've taken a hiatus from my monthly newsletter so keep checking my blog for now:)



Sunday, March 13, 2011

Reducing the Effects of EMF From Cell Phone Usage

I do realize in writing this article many people may respond in various ways, and I’m good with that. I’ve been what I would term electromagnetically sensitive for many years and I don’t consider it a bad thing. As an energy worker and intuitive, I see and feel what happens when I’m on a cell phone and as such, I’ve tried many things to shift the energy. I’ve blown up a few phones doing so – honestly kinda fun though a little expensive – and it’s been so worth it. Ask me how many computer’s I’ve blown up, not quite as funny which is part of why this topic became important to me beyond the healing realm.

In a perfect world, we would find a healthier option than cell phones. I can’t put my blackberry to my head anymore at all - I physically feel the vibration in a very heavy and negative way in my pituitary area and frontal lobe. I always use the speaker on my phone and I’ve tested other phones but the more complex the phones get, the stronger they emit electromagnetic frequencies and so nowadays, it is difficult to find one that I would willingly put to my head. I’m still working on it and will update this article when I do find an option I agree with.

In this article, because I love options (my clients are now smiling as that is probably my favorite phrase) I’m not just going to slam the phone industry because honestly, I truly believe most people don’t feel cell phones are a problem and until they actually experience the effects of it, they aren’t going to change. So instead of ranting, I’m going to offer you 10 things you can do to keep yourself healthy without buying anything external such as phone chips, etc.(I am currently testing some options for people and a couple look promising but I am going to take the time to test them and make sure I am confident in them before mentioning them on my site as I’ve already spent over $600 testing headsets and been very disappointed. I don’t want to refer you to something that doesn’t work). I’m also going to offer some specific things for teens and pregnancy.

1) Use the speaker as much as possible on your cell phone and hold the phone as far away as possible while you have a conversation. I realize this may not be possible for calls in airports or when the call needs to be private but most of the time you are alone or in a car and could use the speaker – use it.

2) Text instead of calling. I’m a big fan of texting instead of calling people for short messages. It keeps the phone away from my head and gets the message through.

3) Use a corded – not cordless – phone at home. Cordless phones emit nearly as much or even more of these EMF fields than cell phones. I realize it’s old school but I don’t think old school is a bad thing…I could go on and on about liking old school but that is probably another discussion altogether ;)

4) NEVER have a cell phone ON in your bedroom during sleep. This one is for teens especially – did you know some teens sleep with their cell phone on under their pillow to get texts at night? Having a cell phone on by your bed while you sleep – or in my opinion, anything electric – my clock is across the room (which also forces me to get up if I need to set an alarm) – will interrupt sleep cycles and can also interrupt menstral cycles so turn it off and keep it away from your head.

5) Get rid of the blue tooth and honestly, most headsets, as they just bring the emf closer to your head. Now this is something I’ve personally tested and I’ve tested a lot of the so-called air-tube headsets too (these were supposedly made to eliminate the EMF problem and in my opinion, the energy becomes stronger due to the fact that these are constructed using a combination of materials that cause a shift.) Truth is, a blue tooth is just as bad as the cell phone and the headsets can be worse so bottom line, stick to the speaker.

6) Try to keep calls on cell phones as short as possible and let the person know you will call them back from a land line shortly.

7) If you are pregnant, REALLY limit and/or just eliminate cell phone use altogether except for emergency situations.

8) Take enough zinc to balance the brain. The amount is whatever you feel is right for you. I take 50mcg of chelated zinc 4-5x per week but that is way too much for some people and too little for others so this is a personal topic to explore .

9) Now I know this may seem odd but studies have shown that weaker signals cause more cell damage. What this means for you is if your signal is weak, your phone has to work harder to connect so it may best to turn it off.

10) Limit use when you are in situations – such as on planes and in conference rooms – where many, many people are on cell phones in close vicinity to you. ESPECIALLY turn yours off on planes. I’m going to get a little unusual for a moment but I tested this several times recently. I had my cell phone off on the plane and when I turned it on when we landed – a few minutes after everyone else did – I felt a definite energy shift and it didn’t feel good. There was a test done years ago that said that charge of all of the cell phones going on at once is a jolt to the system and coupled with the way the plane is constructed, the combined signals are much stronger. I wonder with in-plane internet now as well how it will be for people. Anytime you are in these situations with a lot of cell phones around you, please drink plenty of water, your skin and energy levels will love you for it.

11) And I’m going to give you one extra just because I like you. If you are using your cell phone in your car, crack the window as it will allow the signal to transmit just a bit faster and eliminate the challenge I mention in #10.

Also, remember that just by caring enough about yourself to try to limit the exposure, you are shifting your energy. This article is not about fear, it's about empowerment.

Let me know how you do!!!



Friday, March 11, 2011

Message of Love and Light

Hello Everyone,

Today was a startling day for many as the combination earthquake/tsunami tore the fabric of Japan and touched the lives of people around the world. Being in Santa Cruz right now, I stood at the cliffs and watched the amazing enormous waves, a reminder of what occurred just this morning. The power of those waves, crashing against the cliffs(which I still hear fiercely flowing now a mile away from my window), at once powerful and beautiful, brought with them the energy of the tragedies that occurred overseas. I closed my eyes and saw the devastation as I listened to the waves and cried for them.

I sat with what I could do in that instant to help and was guided to the following meditation. I offer it to all of you. There are so many ways to offer assistance, hope and love. This is one.

Practice for Healing - NOTE this can be used to send love to anyone.

1 - Sit comfortably with your spine gently erect and your hands on your legs palms up.

2 - Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth, gently, with long, deep, satisfying breaths.

3 - As you breath, please imagine the breath going in through your nose, building energy in your heart and then releasing any stuck energy on the exhale out the mouth.

4 - Continue this as you feel your heart opening and becoming stronger and brighter at the same time. When it feels completely full, continue and now imagine that fueling the breath is light from above coming in through the seventh chakra (top of the head, center) and joining with the inhale, as if Spirit is fueling and giving you more than enough of neverending love and light.

5 - As you continue now imagine your heart overflowing and sending love and light to those who have been harmed by this event.

6 - Imagine every breath of love and light grows and grows as it travels as if you had the power of hundreds of hearts.

7 - Now imagine thousands of people throughout the world doing the same, sending their love and prayers so the entire region fills with that love and light.

8 - Now imagine people loving you this deeply too sending you the loving light so that it becomes a circle of giving and receiving as it is meant to be.

9 - As you complete the practice, come back to steps 1-3 and continue until you feel ready to complete for the moment.

May you know just how much each of you are loved and may we all remember how blessed we are for the ability to give and receive love, hope and assistance to others.

Feel free to forward this note to those you feel may be helped by it.

Much love,