Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Energy and the Mind

I was working with a holistic practitioner last week who reminded me of the power of the bodymind. We were doing an exercise for releasing a held limited belief structure and suddenly her body shuddered. It was a rather violent shudder and afterwards, she said she felt like she'd released a part of herself. She was standing straighter, feeling and looking brighter, and moving with greater energy and power. The process itself was an NLP mind process that connects deeply with feelings. Going in through the mind, we reached her body's awareness and the release was very physical.

We are amazing bodymindsoul beings and our bodies amazing power to transform our emotions.

See http://www.theempowermentcentre.com/Workshops%20and%20Classes%20for%20Individuals%20and%20Teens.htm for upcoming classes for those interested in learning how this works for yourself!

***For those on snowy regions today, I hope you get time to play:)