Sunday, June 24, 2012

Staying Cool in Summer Heat

A few ideas for staying cool:

- In India, they have found intentionally breathing in and out of the right nostril can create heat in the body and the left cooling.  I've found it works for me.  Just don't do after drinking as it can cause dizziness and if you get dizzy, stop.  (Check with a doctor if you have a heart condition.)

- There is an acupressure point at the base of the thumb on the wrist (the inner side of the wrist).  Placing ice here can have a cooling effect on the entire body.

- In asian medicine yin foods create a cooling effect, examples are watermelon, pineapple, zucchini, egg whites of chicken, water chestnuts, lettuce, cucumber, yogurt (no fake sugars please, they are heating), pears, peppermint, lemon and the list goes on. 

- Also, the way we cook food can change a food from cooling to heating.  Frying food usually creates more heat in the body, so trying to limit the frying of food will benefit if you are trying to stay cool.

And I little trick I like is to put a towel or cushion in the freezer and sit on it outside.  There are acupressure points on the buttocks and sacrum (base of the spine) and I've found it helpful - especially when I lived in Arizona and while they say it's dry heat, 125 degrees was hot regardless ;)

Hope this helps you stay cool! 



Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Focus on Positivity

I have decided to start listing some positive messages on my site as I feel in our world we so often focus on negatives and it's just not healthy - especially with all of the amazing things in life!

Positive news stories of today:

New jobs in the economy

Child gives big gift

Paying it Forward

And because as some of my favorite people (and you know who you are!) call me Miss WI

And I came across a positive news website in Pakistan that I thought I'd share.  I love it's tagline -

For a CHANGE, let's talk about The Good News (TGN)!

SEND ME YOUR STORIES!  If you find something positive, email me positive stories - only truly uplifting please and with links so I can post for others to enjoy.