Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ahhhh this Retrograde, and more...

I keep getting questions on this retrograde:)

YES it's an odd one, just look around and you will see that things seem a little off this month. Not like a 'normal' (if there is one) retrograde but more like the universe turned on it's head a bit? I think we have a lot to learn from the natural turmoil going on and how it's combusting with the man-made. What has been occurring is VERY of this retrograde period. I feel it would be a great thing to go slower this month. Watch more rather than going full force like so many of us try to do. It may seem odd to say but with so much fire in the retrograde, it almost feels emotionally like the hot days of summer for many of us. Like things seem more urgent than they are. Also, things are moving so fast and without cause. For instance, a friend is looking for a new home. She keeps finding one and then gets calls that it's no longer available for the oddest reasons - the landlord decided not to rent or the water pipe burst or they decided to no fix the internet and she needs it for work. This is all happening SO FAST she can't contain it, it feels surreal. That is because it is. This retrograde is just that for many of us, surreal. It's starting to show the first of what I see as many that are coming of these bursts of energy that are breaking the boundaries of what we think is normal. We are seeing it in the earth too, with the series of natural disasters colliding with manmade. But it's beyond this and I think we need to see this - it is the culmination of the energies of the various elements as well - fire, earth, water, and air. Look at what happened in Japan and tell me that isn't more of a message of this connection. How often have we seen all of the elements explode in full force like that at once? Ok, enough ranting for tonight. I'm sure I'll write more within the week as the next two weeks are going to be quite...amusing? Let's all remember to breathe:) Hugs and love, and isn't that what we all really need more of? I'm sure missing my Pennsylvania hugs! Love, Jen