Friday, October 15, 2010

The Practice and Process of Non-attachment

I've been in a state of deep awareness and non-attachment lately. Today was a true practice of that for me as I moved out of an office that I spent a decade manifesting.

It was an interesting experience, watching myself letting go not only of the space, but also of the expectations I held about what the space meant and my own identity attachment to it that was no longer there. When I first moved into that space, there was a feeling of a need to create something bigger. Bigger than I had created. A space where people could come and learn and grow. I had an attachment to the size of the space back then, the size of it had meaning for me in that a larger space somehow offered the ability to hold a larger space filled with love and healing.

In the past two years, as my energy and attachment toward the space slowly released, I saw the beliefs toward the need for a large space letting go too. The realization that in fact I no longer even needed a building to offer my work and the allowing for the universe to show me the next 'space' that would offer learning, growth and healing on my path for both myself and for those whose lives I'm so blessed to be a part of in my work. One great lesson was that the love I hold for others wasn't about the space, it was about my heart and no matter where I work, be it by phone, skype or in person, that true love I feel will come through.

Another lesson I've learned is that in the place I am in on my path, it is less about seeking the perfect space and more about being in the space I'm in fully. Less about the surroundings needing to be a certain way, and more about the people and my energies aligning.

I'm still sitting with this as I spend the next couple of months here in Pennsylvania and prepare for my next spacial journey back to California. I'm sure I'll be learning more and more about letting go, moving onward and loving even more as I move forward.