Friday, November 21, 2008

Understanding Trauma

I work with many people who have found themselves in deep states of trauma. I say 'found themselves' because trauma is not something we often see the path to, it's a state of being that is often, in itself, traumatic.

Trauma to the unconscious mind can be many things to many people. One aspect that I see for many is that things just 'don't make sense' or things that used to be nothing seem overwhelming. When someone is in a state of trauma - or post traumatic stress as is commonly referred to today as PSTD - they are not really themselves. They are not making the decisions or speaking or living in the way that is truly themselves. We as healers need to realize this. If someone is in a traumatic state, trying to reason the way out of it isn't usually useful. We need to listen, deeply listen, to where to person is and help them find their way to heal that part that feels so out of control and was pushed too far.

Having had traumatic experiences myself, I know first hand how hard it is to explain the feeling of being that disconnected, that outside of oneself, to someone that doesn't understand it. It can seem hopeless at times, trust me, it's not hopeless. You CAN find your home again and this time, you can learn from the experience and find yourself changed and stronger than before. The key is understanding your boundaries and learning that as we get older, we need to build our inner resources as much as our outer resources. Inner resiliency is extremely important, especially in a world so focused on building fear. Building these states of resiliency is something that can happen over time and big jumps can be made in an instant. Knowing your resources is key. If I'm working with someone with trauma or deep stress states, I know I can use a combination of mind, body and nutrition/homeopathy to help them come back home within. Trauma is not a mind OR body state, it is a mindbody state where the entire being goes into fight or flight. It needs to be treated as such, and the whole person, whole being if you will, needs to be respected and held in a safe space in the process.

I wish you all the space to heal, grow and love.

Enjoy your Friday.