Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Gift of Resting

We all get a little tired sometimes.

I wonder, have you ever thought about creating a list of options for what to do to take care of yourself when you need a rest?

So often we are focused on lists of doing.  Grocery stores, taxes, etc.  Rest is a very important part of our lives and I believe, we need to give it more respect.

Start by thinking of what rest means to you.  Is it a cup of coffee on the deck?  A nap at noon?  A massage?

List five things that come to you when you think of resting.

Then think of what decadent resting means for you.

Maybe it's a massage on a Tuesday afternoon (playing a bit of hooky).  Or a piece of chocolate with that coffee?  Or maybe it's spending a day outdoors doing nothing but looking at everything around you.  

List five decadent resting options.

Now lets go deeper, list five decadent options you would NEVER ;-) do.   Those things you fantasize about and then stop yourself.  Maybe it's getting a new expresso machine, or a new convertible, or coloring your hair... something extravagant. 
Sometimes, we just need to open a window and let the universe do the magic.

Let's see what these lists motivate you toward!  Let me know how it goes!